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"We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same."

(-- Carlos Castaneda)

"Forget your fears, and want no more.
At first light lay proud foundations.
Sense the greatness that before you unfolds.
Seek no more for hollow answers.
Answers that lay within you all along.
Farewell to dawns seen through saddened eyes.
Farewell to pasts to sorrows chained.
Forget your fears and want no more.
You will be strong and want no more.
You'll be adored. You will have everything.
You will be strong and want no more.
Forget your fears. You will have everything.
And want no more."

see me. feel me. hear me. fleeting


I'm always open to new friends, but take note: I am pro-choice, pretty radically liberal, religiously as eclectic as it gets, and polyamorous. My journal may contain discussions of medical issues, depression, anxiety, weird music, cultures and/or religions you may know nothing about or disagree with, and queer (LGBTQQIAA) experience/politics. I agree with a great deal of feminist philosophy, but I do not consider myself a feminist. I do not appreciate attempts to convert me to or shame me into adopting your diet of choice, your religion of choice, or your specific political causes, philosophies, or beliefs. If you're not okay with this and are incapable of having a calm, rational discussion possibly ending in an agreement to disagree, do not add me. I fully support your right to disagree, but the one thing I do not tolerate is intolerance, and you will be removed from my friends list.

If you've recently been added as my friend, I encourage you to check out the following links:

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‚ú£ The most important thing in my life so far
‚ú£ A personal statement
‚ú£ My 2013 scrapbook
‚ú£ My 100 Photographs Challenge

‚ú£ [info]989240 is my icon journal & I am currently making icons for , as well.


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